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HFM sponsors retreats for men & women with bleeding disorders as well as those affected by HIV.  HFM retreats provide an opportunity to learn more about current issues affecting those with bleeding disorders, gain social support, and have a relaxing and enjoyable time.



Opportunity for Advocacy

Each year in May, the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan goes to Lansing to meet with legislators and educate them about bleeding disorders.


The Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan strives to improve the quality of life for all people affected by hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, other coagulation disorders, and related complications, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

The Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan offers numerous programs to support people living with bleeding and clotting disorders:





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HFM Events

HFM Holiday Party 2015

December 5, 2015

Troy High School, Troy, Michigan

We invite all families affected by a bleeding disorder to join us Saturday, December 5, from 1-3pm, as the students of Troy High School generously host us for our annual holiday party. We are grateful to have this chance to celebrate with our HFM community!   Santa is coming! We’re thrilled that one of Santa’s best assistants, Santa-Antonio, will be with us to give a gift to each child in attendance. We’ll also have yummy food and fun crafts for the family to enjoy.   Please join us! Troy High School 4777 Northfield Parkway, Troy, MI 48098 To register your family, please contact Carrie McCulloch 734.544.0015, ext. 503cmcculloch@hfmich.orgWe look forward to seeing you! View calendar »



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Take Action!

Today, fewer than 30% of bleeding disorders patients are registered for the Patient Notification System (PNS). The PNS is a fast, free, and confidential service that notifies registered patients, caregivers, and providers within the first 24 hours of a recall or withdrawal of their factor therapy or associated ancillary products.  Take Action. Learn more about PNS and register today! | 02.10.2015

Lansing Day

Lansing Day Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Please join us to educate legislators about bleeding disorders.  - THIS EVENT IS FREE OF CHARGE - | 02.5.2015

Free or Low Cost Dental Program

Free or Low Cost Dental Program for any person who has a bleeding disorder or who is a symptomatic carrier.  Click for more details. | 01.23.2015

Patient Assistance Programs

Thank you to the National Hemophilia Foundation for making a list of Patient Assistance Programs available to our community! | 12.8.2014

Voluntary Recall Monoject Prefill


Newly Diagnosed?

The Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan supports families who are new to the hemophilia community. Parents have many opportunities throughout the year to meet with other parents and learn more of the basics of raising a child with hemophilia.  Programs not only educate new families, but also help them connect to other people and resources in the community. HFM supplies an informative packet filled with programs and events happening state-wide.
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