Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HFM and H&R Block team up this tax season

HFM and H&R Block have partnered up this tax season.  Raise money for HFM while receiving exceptional tax preparation services.

The program is easy and convenient.  For each new client referred to have their taxes prepared, H&R Block will send HFM $25!  The more new clients, the more money HFM can make. 

Click here and select the referral form.  Take this to any H&R Block, anywhere in the United States! 

Come to HFM!  H&R Block will be accepting appointments here at HFM on February 22 to have your taxes done.  Raising money for HFM just got a little easier.  Email Dawn - to make your appointment.  Short on time?  No problem!  Schedule a brief meeting with an H&R Block tax specialist here at HFM on February 22, drop your information off and they will prepare your taxes for you. 

Pricing is based on the complexity of the tax return.   The more forms, calculations, and entries needed on a return, the more it will cost.  Here are sample pricing for their services:    

1040EZ - Single or married people with no dependents and no credits.  Federal return is FREE through 2/20/12.  State return $43.

1040A - NO dependents, with credits.  $142 which includes your state return.

1040A - WITH dependents.  $162 to $362 which includes your state return.

1040 - WITH or WITHOUT dependents, itemizing deductions, credits, etc.  $172 to $412 which includes your state return. 

1040 - Complex (investments, small business owners, rental property, partnerships/corporations) starting at $262, including your state return. 

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